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What is the difference between wood, MDF, and plywood?


Like other natural materials, wood is a natural material that expands with higher temperatures and shrinks with lower ones. Wood is easy to work with and creates solid cabinets that are easy to repair with wood filler or a wax stick if scratched. Wood is still the #1 material in cabinet making. Wood cabinets are always in style, durable, and timeless. Birch and Maple are two popular choices with very few grains, making their surface appear smooth. To extend the life of wood cabinets, they need to be cleaned with detergents for wood.


MDF is short for medium-density fiberboard. It’s a wooden product made by breaking the wood down into tiny wood fibers that can be pressed down to create MDF plates when combined with adhesives. But just because it’s not truly solid wood doesn’t make it a bad choice. MDF has a smooth, grain-free surface that doesn’t splinter, making it easy to work with and a popular choice for painted cabinets. MDF cabinets generally cost less and are better for the environment


Particleboard, like MDF, is an engineered wood, but particleboard is made up of larger wood shavings and chips. This leaves a somewhat uneven surface so a smooth look is more difficult to achieve. While it is lightweight, it is not as durable as MDF.

Which material is better?

There’s truly no one better material—each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Your material selection will depend on your preferences, your budget, and the color and style of the cabinets.

What’s the difference between stained cabinets and painted cabinets?

Painted cabinets

Paint lies on the surface of the cabinet. Painted cabinets have a uniform, solid, grain-free appearance. New painting technologies have made painted cabinets more durable and scratch- resistant, and in case of damage, they can easily be repaired with a putty repair kit.

Stained cabinets

Stain is absorbed into the cabinet’s wood, making them generally more durable than painted cabinets. When stained, the cabinets have a visible wood grain pattern. Staining is not an option if you seek a smooth, milky shade of white or gray.

Which finish is more durable? Which one looks nicer?

Stained cabinets are generally more durable. Both finishes look very nice – your choice comes down to style preferences.

What is the most popular cabinet color?

We offer cabinets in a wide array of colors but white, gray, and natural wood colors are currently the most popular. Two-toned kitchens are also popular, but they’re more suitable for larger spaces/kitchens.

What are Shaker-style cabinets? Do you carry them?

Shaker-style cabinets are minimalistic yet very stylish and elegant. They generally have recessed panel doors with clean inside and outside edges.

Yes, we carry many types of shaker-style cabinets.

What is your most popular cabinet style?

Shaker-style cabinets are our most popular style, but we offer styles to fit every taste and budget.

Are the cabinet doors soft-closing or self-closing?

All cabinet doors are soft closing. Soft-close cabinets use a special hinge that slows the cabinet door as it is closing, eliminating the possibility that the doors will slam shut.

Are the plywood drawers dovetail drawer box?

Yes, all drawers on traditional and transitional (except for the Euro Style) have dove-tailed connections. Euro Style drawers cabinets have metal drawer sliders.